Cop 27:Mrs. Naglaa Boden, Head of Government, arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh

Cop 27:Mrs. Naglaa Boden, Head of Government, arrived  in Sharm El-Sheikh

Di Sawsen Mabrok

Mrs. Naglaa Boden, Head of Government, arrived on November 07, 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to participate in the Summit of Heads of State and Government for the 27th session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change “COP 27”, at the head of a high-level delegation that included the Minister of Economy and Planning, Mr. Samir Said, and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, Ms. Nayla Nouira Al-Qanji, and the Minister of Environment, Ms. Laila Chikhaoui.

The Prime Minister was greeted at the conference hall in Sharm El-Sheikh by the Egyptian President, Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres.

On the first day of the “COP 27” summit, Mrs. Najla Boden participated in the discussion table on new climate financing mechanisms as well as in the activities of the second session of the “Green Middle East Initiative” that was launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During her speeches, the Head of Government affirmed Tunisia’s initial commitment to support international efforts to activate agreements related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate changes and ways to provide the necessary funds to adapt to them, especially in developing countries.

On this occasion, Mrs. Najla Boden held bilateral meetings with a number of leaders of the countries participating in the summit, namely the Algerian and Iraqi presidents, the Saudi and Kuwaiti crown princes, and the heads of governments of Lebanon, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and Finland, during which they discussed the most important issues raised at the “COP 27” summit, especially ways Improving the relations of cooperation with the concerned brotherly and friendly countries.

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