Accreditation of Bou Talmit from Mauritania

Accreditation of Bou Talmit from Mauritania

Dr. Sawsan Mabrouk, General President of the Consultative Organization of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Tunis Office, and commissioned by a group of Arab and African cultural organizations, on the 5th of this September, announced the accreditation of Bou Talmit from Mauritania as the capital of Arab and African culture, due to its conformity with all agreed cultural standards.

One of the peculiarities of this ancient province is that it has the lead in all areas authorized to adopt the title of capital of culture in one of the countries nominated or proposed to grant the title the capital of African and Arab culture, and since it is required that the city nominated for the title be born to one of the legal persons at the country level.

(Boutelmit is the mother city of the founder of the state and the first president of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the late, God willing, Al-Mukhtar Ould Daddah, the country’s first ambassador to France, Suleiman Ould Cheikh Sidya, the first representative of Mauritania at the United Nations, Ahmed Ould Minya, the first Mufti of the Republic, the late Badah Ould Basiri, and the first martyr In the resistance against the colonialists at the national level, the late Mukhtar Amo Ould Al-Haydib, as well as the first to shoot down a military plane of the colonialist, Sheikh Ould Ajrab, the first military officer, the late Mubarak Ould Bouna Al-Mukhtar, the first woman MP in Parliament, Maryam bint Sayed Al-Mukhtar, the first Mauritanian journalist Khadaja bint Amir, and the first Specialized doctor at the national level, Isaac Ould Sanmb Val, the first central bank governor, Ahmed Daddah, the first female national postal worker, Amna bint Milaid, and the first teacher and director of the Abdallah Ould Cheikh Sidya School, which is the first primary school of Hafsa bint Abdel Jalil.

As well as the first regular facility
According to this announcement, an integrated program of work was identified for us to review its most prominent points
First, work to upload an integrated file to UNESCO, for recognition
Boutelmit is included in the world cultural heritage. Second, the restoration of the first cultural facility, the Boutelmit Institute, which was the first school of science and
Knowledge of all the people of the country
Organizing a periodic cultural festival in the presence of Arab and African cultural and scientific figures, including artistic and poetic performances and intellectual and scientific seminars that invite to the memory of the homeland personalities who left an imprint and impact, in the presence of intellectuals, thinkers, politicians, diplomats and scholars in order to preserve the ancient and rich history of this province.

The first launch of the bottlemit to be circulated after that to all Arab and African countries.

Daniela Piesco

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