All together to revive the Tunisian national economy

All together to revive the Tunisian national economy

In the remainder of 2022, the Gafsa Phosphate Company aims to focus on restoring its traditional customers and markets in the global phosphate market, through a strategy that aims to supply several clients from Asia and Europe, in particular, with Tunisian phosphate, after more than 10 years of hiatus.

Tunisian exports of phosphate to these customers, according to what the official agency reported.

This means the return of hope and Tunisian economic recovery.

Indeed, this is what we need today in Tunisia, a strong political decision and urgent measures to restore the economic cycle. Phosphate is one of the strategic natural resources on which it is based.

The Tunisian economy must take all measures and measures in order to re-export, as well as we are at the gates of a tourist season, and tourism is the most vital and strategic economic sector.

The Tunisian tourist season must be successful with the combined efforts of all government, private and civil society efforts.

All together to revive the Tunisian national econom.

Dr. Sawsan Mabrouk
International human rights activist

Redazione Radici

Redazione Radici

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