Africa is rich

Africa is rich

Sawsen Mabrouk

Africa is not like other continents, Africa is rich in energy, production, and mineral resources, as well as human resources from young people, depending on all these components and also by focusing on the enemies of a successful economic development plan that we can achieve the required development. Care must be taken to support women’s economic and social rights and
As well as supporting their contribution to political and cultural life, as well as enabling them to provide logistical and financial support in order to launch development projects. Curricula and education must also be developed and circulated to all African children while working to popularize the use of computers and the Internet in schools and the establishment of theater and cinema clubs.
Music, today we cannot forget the importance of protecting the environment, water and the ocean, supporting culture, the environment, and planning for the future of an écologique energy-dependent African continent, and this of course is intended to intensify studies and scientific research. Today, too, the social solidarity economy must be supported and the foundation for a strong economy
Solidarity, and we must promote a beautiful picture of Africa without wars, without racism, Africa of solidarity.

Dr Sawsen Mabrouk correspondent Projet Radici ,Tunisia


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