Strategic planning


Sawsan Mabrouk

Strategic planning steps The strategic planning process is based on the following steps: The first step is to analyze the situation by collecting information and data and studying it in order to reach a vision related to the issues of the company, its employees and customers, in order to make appropriate decisions accordingly. In the second step, the data collected is relied upon to analyze and study the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to work, in what is known as (SWOT) analysis, and after studying these points, the planning team will be able to prepare a list of priorities to form pivotal elements for developing goals, plans and tactics. In the third step, the planning team will develop goals and objectives, as the goals express the expanded goal of the work, while the goals express the smaller details that are related to them. The fourth step follows the analytical steps previously mentioned and is based on designing work strategies and tactics according to the results of the analysis. To help the company reach its goals. In the last step, work is done on the implementation of what has been planned, but it is necessary to take into account the division of work and the distribution of duties so that everyone is aware of his role in this process, in addition to the need to maintain communication with the employees to ensure that each one of them knows what is expected of him, and to receive Feedback about his work. The importance of strategic planning The importance of strategic planning appears due to the fact that it is a review and planning process that is applied with the aim of making informed decisions related to achieving the goals of the small company that will reach the achievement of its main goal. The method of planning is to improve the results of its business, and to avoid unforeseen risks. Tips for strategic planning The following points deal with some tips that are useful in the strategic planning process : Ensure that the company’s performance indicators are compared to performance measures on a regular basis; In order to be aware of the validity of the business strategy. Work to sit down to think and create plans in a new environment that is different from the business office environment. Work to reconsider the vision for work, with the aim of making an assessment of the strategic plan to be implemented. In the event that a new vision for action is created, it is imperative to be prepared to abandon all that exists at the present time in order to develop a new strategic plan.

AmDr sawssen Mabrouk.

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