Tollerance is the language of indulgence

Tollerance is the  language of indulgence

Sawsan Mabrouk

The meaning of tolerance is the language of indulgence, dreaming, forgiveness. Tolerance are high-end human concepts, and it is a human principle that embodies nobility and sophistication the most beautiful embodiment. Tolerance with the self is the beginning of tolerance for others. The ability to forgive oneself is, first of all, an emotional state that requires consideration of personality standards. The self-intolerant remains captive to the feelings of negativity, as a machine that prevents his negative feelings from achieving the achievement or success that he feels himself and his presence in life. Medical research also indicates that many diseases that are not related to organic causes are related to psychological problems and negative feelings, the most important of which is (the inability to tolerate) as Louise L. Hayl asserts in her book You Can Heal Your Life, that tolerance is the best solution to all our problems facing us, whether With ourselves or with the other because it frees us from the past and frees us towards the present and the future. The family has a role in cultivating the values ​​of tolerance and dialogue. Children, as is known, are assuming the personality of their parents as an educational model, consciously or subconsciously. The Almighty said: “Do not equal good or bad, pay with what is better.”

Dr Am Sawssen Mabrouk

Correspondent Project Radici Tunisia



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