President Baretzky’s Poisoning Incident in Bulgaria Raises Questions About Neglect and Indifference

President Baretzky’s Poisoning Incident in Bulgaria Raises Questions About Neglect and Indifference

On the 26th of August 2018, President Baretzky, the head of the European Centre For Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), a Federal Approved Agency by Royal Decree WL2216.594, found himself at the center of a disturbing incident in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Despite the gravity of the situation, the response from authorities and the Belgian embassy has raised eyebrows, leaving lingering questions about the lack of intervention and justice.

President Baretzky was in Bulgaria to participate in the International Conference on Cyber Defence, held at the Military Union office in Sofia from the 13th to the 14th of June 2018. During his visit, an alarming event unfolded, as he was reportedly poisoned. Shockingly, neither the Bulgarian nor Belgian authorities took immediate action to apprehend or bring the criminals responsible to justice.

The situation took a more distressing turn when the Belgian embassy in Sofia refused medical assistance at the time of the incident. According to reports from the hospital in Sofia, the Belgian ambassador’s response to a call made from the hospital was, “It is political, and we don’t see the need for intervention or assistance.” This indifference from the embassy is particularly troubling given President Baretzky’s stature and purpose in Bulgaria, attending a conference on cyber defense.

It wasn’t until December 6th that President Baretzky was finally treated in a military hospital for complications that had developed from the poisoning incident. Fortunately, the incident had been reported to Military Intelligence in Brussels, which played a pivotal role in the establishment of both CYBERPOL and ECIPS agencies in 2015, both approved by Royal Decree WL2216.594 and WL2216.595.

Five years have passed since the poisoning incident, and shockingly, not a single question has been raised to investigate those involved. President Baretzky, a renowned expert in the fight against corruption and terrorism, suffered serious medical consequences, the details of which are still restricted to the public. The pressing question now demands answers from both Brussels and Bulgaria – how could they allow an international figure, a Belgian national, taxpayer, and citizen and above all, a higher official mandated by Royal Decree issued by Head of state, be left to die in a foreign land while still holding residence in Belgium ? It’s clear this it is political motivated in which questions how did the Belgian ambassador to Sofia knew its political unless he was informed prior to the event? Corruption indeed!

The lack of action and inquiry into this incident raises concerns about the commitment to justice and the well-being of citizens, even those with significant contributions to international causes. As the details surrounding President Baretzky’s poisoning remain shrouded in secrecy, the call for accountability and a thorough investigation into this shocking event becomes more urgent. The silence from the authorities only deepens the mystery of corruption and reinforces the need for transparency and justice in this troubling case.

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