WORLD CUP 2022 For Scientific Research And Inventions / Tunisia

WORLD CUP 2022 For Scientific Research And Inventions / Tunisia

Sponsored by the Republic of Tunisia
Project definition

Establishing an annual project that brings together researchers, inventors, stakeholders, businessmen, investors, all government and private institutions and decision-makers in order to create a supportive environment for the invention industry
We are also working to establish an international system for the invention ,entrepreneurship sector and reshape the establishment of exhibitions for inventions so that they become purposeful, influential and affected through an international platform in which specialists and capitals from individuals and institutions in the private, governmental and international sectors meet so that they turn into productive and investment exhibitions in addition to the nature of the show .
Project goals
Creating a new industrial and production revolution globally by working on the best inventions internationally and presenting them to those interested in developing their institutions in the market sectors and excelling in international competition in market, industrial, scientific, service, medical, technological, energy and all other specialties.
Inviting stakeholders from investors, businessmen, investment and financial institutions, private and governmental institutions to take advantage of these opportunities and establish contracts and international cooperation programs.

1. Agency for the Promotion of Industry under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and in partnership in Tunisia
2. Everest International Organization for Invention and under the supervision of the Global universal, Development and Investment, and it is considered one of its institutions emanating from it / American
The implementation of the tournament comes within the framework of the activities of the “TICAD INNOVATION” salon, which will be held in Tunisia from 26 to 28/08/ 2022 on the sidelines of the activities parallel to the Eighth Summit of the Tokyo International Symposium on Development in Africa (TICAD8).
In the presence of heads of state, ministers, government institutions, embassies, international organizations, national and international media institutions, businessmen, investors and all commercial, industrial and scientific institutions.
Several activities will start on the sidelines of the international summit as of August 23
The government cooperation with the following institutions:
• Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
• National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research
• National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property
• Tunisian Association for Scientific Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property The main activities focus on:
1. The participation of the best competing inventions in the third session of the National Invention Debate Tunisia 2022
2. World Cup Qualifiers for Invention and Scientific Research
3. Partnership meetings between researchers, inventors and economic institutions participating in the international summit
4. Japan-Africa symposiums and forums, workshops on innovation, industrialization and technology transfer;
5. International Exhibition of Renewal, Research and Invention
6. The launch of the invention manufacturing initiative and the start of the first stage of registration and receiving applications
7. Launching the Knowledge Investment Fund.

This event represents a scientific competition between countries, highlighting the best in the field of scientific research, invention and entrepreneurship. The participating countries will be honored through the ministries of higher education and embassies, and the participants from researchers and inventors will be honored. This honor comes in:
The closing ceremony of the eighth summit of the Tokyo International Symposium on Development in Africa (TICAD8) and on international and media viewing.

The most important pillars and investment aspirations in the project:
1. International Invention Fair
2. Establishment of an investment fund for inventions
3. Meetings with businessmen and investors
4. Meetings with governmental and private institutions
5. The opportunity to host the project in all countries periodically and annually
6. Launching economic programs associated with the project
7. Introducing the sponsoring and supporting institutions on a huge international level
8. Finding radical solutions to obstacles in multiple sectors
9. Finding inventions that contribute to the development of investment institutions
The strengths of this project:
1. It is held under the patronage and presence of the Tunisian President
2. It is held annually in permanent and continuous partnership with the Tunisian state
3. Establishing the project in all countries annually, with government hosting
4. Introducing many new programs on the international scene
5. This project coincides exclusively for 2022 with the eighth summit of the Tokyo International Symposium on the Development of Africa (TICAD8)
6. Launching the Knowledge Financial Investment Fund, which will be under the management and supervision of the Tunisian state and the organization of the American International Organization, and this will return revenues to investors through the invention industry and special programs for this sector exclusively.
7. Launching the invention manufacturing initiative, and this will therefore be a prelude to establishing contracts with factories across the world
8. The presence of heads of state, ministers, major international organizations, diplomatic embassies and international media organizations
9. The opportunity to establish many contracts with the organizers and with the various sectors present
10. International presence and participation

With your participation in this global event, it is happiness, pride and honor
Please accept my sincere appreciation and respect

of the United States
Global GOIDI Group


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