Congratulations to Tunisia 🇹🇳 the success of TICAD 8

Congratulations to Tunisia 🇹🇳 the success of TICAD 8

Tunisia, with the testimony of the Japanese organizers and the African participants.

A country full of talents and creative and pioneering human energies in all fields, thanks to which it can overcome all crises and achieve the growth and development it deserves.

Congratulations to Tunisia’s leadership and people,
The President of the Republic, Kais Saied, concluded today, August 28, 2022 at the Conference Palace in the capital, the work of the eighth session of the “Tokyo International Symposium on Development in Africa”, TICAD 8, praising the good atmosphere that prevailed at its various stages, and the frank discussions that took place in order to raise the level of strategic partnership
That unites Africa with Japan and its relevance to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid changes that our world is witnessing today.

The President of the Republic highlighted that the Tunis Summit succeeded in crystallizing promising and tangible visions and in formulating a number of valuable recommendations that would lay the foundation for the new joint vision of the African-Japanese partnership.

The Head of State stressed the importance of integrating the economic, social and humanitarian dimensions in this partnership as a tributary to building solidarity and sustainable societies.

The President of the Republic stressed that ensuring human security in its comprehensive dimension cannot be achieved without human development and giving it a central place for human capital by supporting the quality of education and education, in addition to developing exchanges in the fields of research, innovation, knowledge transfer, digital transformation and giving a new impetus to cooperation in sectors.

The President of the Republic also called for the necessity of finding solutions to the issue of African debts by recycling them and turning them into investment projects to re-create wealth.
He also stressed the need to recover the looted funds as a core issue for the African peoples.

The President of the Republic stressed that achieving development and human security and ensuring their sustainability necessitates the consolidation of the pillars of regional and international peace and security based on the rule of law, highlighting in this context that the rule of law is not limited only to the national level, but also extends to the level of international relations that must be managed in accordance with the supremacy of law

The President of the Republic concluded his speech by stressing the joint responsibility for building hope, stressing the joint African-Japanese will to translate the signed agreements and recommendations issued by the summit into specific practical steps that guarantee real and substantive development in Africa so that the strategic partnership between Africa and Japan becomes an ideal model for cooperation.

Sawsan Mabrouk
International human rights activist
International legal expert

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