There is no loyalty except to the homeland and the pure blood of the martyrs

There is no loyalty except to the homeland and the pure blood of the martyrs

Sawsen Mabrouk

The people have decided the matter, and there is no way to back down
With the flames of faith and the strength of the mind
With the enthusiasm of the youth and the wisdom of the old.

Today, the Tunisian people are writing a political history for a new Tunisia, in which the people’s sovereignty is a title and a platform. The popular gift today is the real guarantor of an effective democracy, based on ensuring the sovereignty of the country and preserving its capabilities and interests, consecrating human dignity, protecting his rights and enhancing his freedoms, establishing.

For a modern, progressive civil state, today we are writing the epic of a nation and a people, who resisted and defeated the forces of reaction, employment, injustice and corruption that ruled Tunisia for decades.
This is a sensitive moment in the history of Tunisia, which all the revolutionary and progressive political forces must rally around, support and preserve.

President Kais Saied is the leader of this stage with distinction, with unprecedented popular support.

viva Tunisia
And glory to its people 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Sawsan Mabrouk
International human rights activist

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