What is meant by social construction?

What is meant by social construction?

Sawsen Mabrouk

The social structure consists of interrelated parts, the interaction between them is mutually, comprehensive and positive.
Thus, the social structure is related to the laws that harmonize social and biological life.

What is meant by social construction?

Social structure: are social systems that are characterized by a certain status of durability and stability.
It consists of individuals and groups, for example: clans, tribes, and nations, and each of them works to arrange relationships between individuals who belong to them.

Definitions of social construction in the dictionary of social sciences:

First definition: The social structure is defined as the fixed model of the internal systems of a group.
That is, it contains a set of relationships that exist between members of the group, and it also contains the relationships that exist between the group and a second group.

Second definition: This definition relates to the characteristics of groups and cultural patterns.
It consists of sections that are mutually dependent on one another.

Third definition: It compares two branches of the social structure, as it consists of:

Social groups: These isomers are divided into small isomers, and from there into smaller particles.
These units are divided into individuals or members, each of whom is characterized by the social functions it seeks to achieve.
And a certain social position it occupies between different individuals.

The cultural model: It means that each of the cultural models is divided into its constituent members, such as the culture related to popular customs, or the cultural models related to the various values, norms and ways of dealing.

What are the characteristics of social construction in anthropology?

Based on the various definitions of social construction, there are characteristics that characterize social construction in anthropology, namely:

The social structure consists of forms of social relations, and therefore, we cannot directly observe it, except through concrete methods of social relations between individuals or groups, in a specific environment.

A social structure is an integrated fabric or an interconnected set of parts.
The study of all parts of social structure is considered one of the most prominent characteristics of social anthropology, which distinguishes it from the second social sciences.
And that by exploring the direct and indirect relationships, which exist between any element and elements of the social structure.

The social structure is characterized by being relatively stable, and one of its most important conditions is the preservation of its cohesion and its survival for a long period of time.
But this does not mean inertia, but rather the variable survival as is the case in the survival of the organic structure of the living body.

Dr Am Sawsen Mabrouk

Correspondent Projet Radici Tunisia




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