He enigma of brain mind consciousiness (bmc) and the key of the chakras in modern science

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Vincenzo  Isabella Valenzi , Albina Pisani, Sudhir Bagga                            Department of Integrative Medicine and Biophysics, Florence Italy Federiciana Popolar University  www.cimb.me

The main researches in brain-mind consciousness interaction were developed by the School of Sigmund Freud when they “discovered” (which means, they theorized) the unconscious. Neurophysiologic researches using electrophysiology of the EEG, Evocated Potential, Magnetic Resonance etc. have not proven capable fully of clearing the abounding enigmas of the unconscious. The great struggle to clear the dark matter of mind and consciousness were carried forth by Sir John Eccles, Mario Tiengo, and others.

In the Far East, (in China and India especially), several practical approaches to BMC were developed;  and acupuncture and the Chakra system prove very useful today to guide the scientist in the labyrinth of unconscious and psycho-somatic interactions [see https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/ ].

The main contributions in this direction came from the physicist David Bohm; also, other strong contributions are coming today from the researches of Brian Josephson [for more information on the subject, see this link –  https://www.britannica.com/biography/Brian-Josephson ]. These biophysics models are progressing in developing bio-technology applications by means of the  production of an innovative bio-tech device which measures the bio-electrical status of meridians and, in the latest developments of these machines,  of  chakras and their functional connection, well known in the practices of Old Hindu and Chinese Medicine, entirely connected with physio-pathology and human health status. All this aims to fully monitor every dysfunction through all levels of  complexity of the HRV (Heart Rate Variability)  system.

An Indian-European project of  basic and applied researches in the Anatomo-phisiology of BMC could be planned. Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Austrian teams are ready to join their efforts with the Indian scientific community in order to realize the mission of ‘sheding light into’ the darkness of the Unconscious.                


La grave crisi delle Tossicodipendenze che colpisce la gioventù moderna, il colossale business di benzodiazepine ci indica che forse si dovrebbe fare di più nel campo del rapporto Cervello Mente Coscienza. 

L’incontro del 28 a Bruxelles è una opportunità da cogliere. Se ne parlerà pià fisicamente anche a Roma il prossimo 12 marzo www.iiimb.me. Last but not least segnalo che a  Parigi qualcosa si muove sul fronte del respiro altro punto chiave del nostro tempo. Su Iniziativa di Nouri Gharbi è stata fondata l’associazione RESPIR INTERNATIONAL che affronterà sistematicamente la ricerca e la formazione superiore nel campo della riabilitazione cardiorespiratorio anche in ambito climatoterapeutico sulla scia del pioneristico lavoro di Hassan Razzouk a Briançon.

Vincenzo Valenzi


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